8 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer


Now it's going to be tough to write this article without it sounding like a sales pitch, yes we have the best personal trainers in London but that's not what this article is about is it?

So you’ve been contemplating it for months maybe even years and you’ve come to this article to help you decide on whether you should get a personal or not, my first question and task for you would be to get a piece of paper and write down the benefits of getting a personal trainer on the left hand side and then write down the negatives to getting a personal trainer on the right hand side. I’m pretty sure we know who won that battle but just keep on reading.


It’s a big step from going to the gym and going on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then going back to the changing room i know, but it’s a positive change that’ll change your life and achieve your fitness goals if you stick to the plan of course, the knowledge you should gain from your PT will be priceless, where not just here to tell you want to do, we’d like you to be able to leave us at one point and know exactly what you’re doing by yourself, we want you to pass on your knowledge to friends/family who are maybe in the same situation you were in.


I know you must be tired of me rambling on but to conclude my stance on why getting a personal training would be a good step for you, here are my final benefits to getting a PT:

  • See better results sooner.
  • Avoid injuries.
  • Lose fat and gain muscle.
  • Break through plateaus.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Keep clients accountable
  • Challenge clients to be better.
  • Establish lifelong exercise habits.


That’s it from me, see you soon!

Keanu Campbell