Personal Trainer



Abigail is a certificated, black-belt, Martial Arts Instructor, specializing in a mixed discipline called Kajukenbo. This incorporates Karate, Judo, Jujutsu, Kenpo, and Boxing. Abigail studied under 'Manuel Villaseñor' - Ninth Dan, Kajukenbo Grand-Master and official representative of the discipline in Europe. Abigail is currently the only certificated Instructor in London.

Abigail’s journey to being a Personal Trainer, Self Defence Instructor and Martial Arts Specialist started some years ago in the beautiful mountains of Ecuador. From a young girl, Abigail showed great talent at any sport that came her way and could usually out-play the boys at football, basketball and even breakdancing.

Abigail likes working with people of different ages, children, teenagers, adults, elder people and people with limited mobility. She is an altruistic and friendly Trainer, who likes teaching and helping people.

– Martial arts

– Weight loss

– Boxercise

– General Fitness