Are Carbohydrates Bad For You?


Are too many apples bad for you?

yes, have you just eaten 40 bananas today? well then that’s bad for you too, everything should be consumed in moderation which is what I am trying to get at here, Carbohydrates in simple terms gives us energy for our brain/body to function so why would we cut them out?


Well the internet and the fitness industry has not helped with this rumour, here’s what they don’t tell you could potentially happen if you cut out carbs out of your diet:

• Hunger

• Shakiness

• Dizziness

• Confusion

• Difficulty speaking

• Feeling anxious or weak


And during a really bad period of a time where you’ve cut of carbohydrates from your diet the following side effects could occur:

• Mental fatigue

• Nausea

• Headaches

• Painful swelling of the joints

• Kidney stones


So where did this myth come from?

Well it’s pretty simple, as a nation the majority of us don’t actually count calories…


which leads us to eat too many carbohydrates which usually spikes our blood sugar levels, makes us feel like we are constantly in a food coma, and makes us put on weight, if you understand how food works then you’ll understand how much carbohydrates your body needs per day, I’d suggest everyone work out how much calories they need per day by using a calorie calculator online, go with 1g of protein per pound of body weight, start off with 150g of carbohydrates to see how your body responds to it each week, increase your carbohydrates if you feel like you need more, oh and as for the remaining calories that’s where your fats will come from.


It’s pretty simple, we all love carbohydrates but we just need to eat them in moderation.


Keanu Campbell