Can You Workout At Home?

Can You Workout At Home?


You've probably come to this article to see if working out at home is worth it, especially because of the coronavirus lurking around? working out in the gym really isn't the best option is it? but the idea of working out in your own home to reach your goal of losing weight, muscle building increase your fitness in your own home ect ect sounds great right? 🤔

If you intend to workout at home with the goal of losing weight, this is pretty simple you can do this without any sort of gym equipment at all, a few burpees, mountain climbers and a couple of other body weight exercises with a structured plan along with a focus on your nutrition should do the trick. If your plan is to keep fit, this can easily be done without any equipment at all too.


Now the tricky task for you would be to gain muscle while working out at home it is near enough impossible without equipment unless you’re a beginner, In order to give your body a reason to put on muscle, you must give your body a novel stimulus, you’ve got to be challenging your body week in/week out, I always say to people when you can do 20 controlled push ups you need to start adding some weights to your exercises.


The positives to this is that we are in 2020, you can easily order very portable equipment such as dumbbells a squat rack and barbells, these should be good enough to start with, so in a nutshell you’re basically bringing the gym to your house, I hope this article has helped.


If you’re still stuck between working out at home here are some more benefits to it:



That’s it from me, see you soon, if you’re interest in online coaching for your home workouts CLICK HERE

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Are Carbohydrates Bad For You?

Are Carbohydrates Bad For You?


Are too many apples bad for you?

yes, have you just eaten 40 bananas today? well then that’s bad for you too, everything should be consumed in moderation which is what I am trying to get at here, Carbohydrates in simple terms gives us energy for our brain/body to function so why would we cut them out?


Well the internet and the fitness industry has not helped with this rumour, here’s what they don’t tell you could potentially happen if you cut out carbs out of your diet:

• Hunger

• Shakiness

• Dizziness

• Confusion

• Difficulty speaking

• Feeling anxious or weak


And during a really bad period of a time where you’ve cut of carbohydrates from your diet the following side effects could occur:

• Mental fatigue

• Nausea

• Headaches

• Painful swelling of the joints

• Kidney stones


So where did this myth come from?

Well it’s pretty simple, as a nation the majority of us don’t actually count calories…


which leads us to eat too many carbohydrates which usually spikes our blood sugar levels, makes us feel like we are constantly in a food coma, and makes us put on weight, if you understand how food works then you’ll understand how much carbohydrates your body needs per day, I’d suggest everyone work out how much calories they need per day by using a calorie calculator online, go with 1g of protein per pound of body weight, start off with 150g of carbohydrates to see how your body responds to it each week, increase your carbohydrates if you feel like you need more, oh and as for the remaining calories that’s where your fats will come from.


It’s pretty simple, we all love carbohydrates but we just need to eat them in moderation.


Keanu Campbell


Is It Worth Getting A Personal Trainer?

Is It Worth Getting A Personal Trainer?


A personal trainer (PT) is a certified individual who has knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective exercise programmes and deliver one-to-one training.

PTs have tons a lot of the time have tons of different qualifications, one qualification which is a must have is the level 3 certificate in personal training.


Our personal trainers help clients achieve their health and fitness goals, such as muscle building,, increase general fitness levels, weight loss, fat loss and much more! your local personal trainer is just one call away.



The cost of a personal training session varies with your desired fitness coach will vary from personal trainer to personal trainer, if you’re looking for a PT in London a session could cost anywhere between £40-£90 and will usually last an hour long with your female or male personal trainer.


One thing which is key to remember especially with something that is going to HOPEFULLY affect your health for the better is that cheap pt’s will most likely get you half the results.



Nope! Not everybody needs a personal trainer, if you have the time to do your own research on how to lose weight or put on muscle then you can probably do it all yourself, if you want everything done for you while you also gain knowledge to gain some independency in the future then having a personal trainer in London will be life changing, throw away the fitness books and jump straight into the action with your personal trainer at home or in the gym



Yes, especially if you’re new to the gym, have a specific training goal or want to improve quickly. PTs keep you accountable to your fitness goals and motivate you to push yourself further and reach your desired goals.



There are several benefits of personal training. These include:


Making sure you’re doing things right: A personal trainer will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you’re new to the gym or new to lifting weights, getting the technique right is vital.


Having a third eye: When working out alone, you can’t always tell if you need to adjust your posture, position, or range of movement. Personal trainers monitor your form during your training and correct you if necessary.


Years of experience: PTs must stay up to date with industry trends and training methods, which will save you time from doing all the research yourself.Workout Motivation: Personal trainers are passionate and supportive, but they’ll also challenge and motivate you to push yourself further.


You have someone to answer to: Sometimes, the toughest battle is getting to the gym. A personal trainer will hold you accountable; it’s not so easy to cancel the gym if you have a personal training session.


Design a training programme: Personal trainers will create a tailored training programme to suit your needs, abilities and goals. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your programme will include specific weight-loss exercises. Your personal trainer will monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.



How long you need a personal trainer if I’m honest all depends on your fitness goals and finances of course. Have a conversation with your personal trainer and start planning goals so you never feel like you’re falling off your fitness program



All of our personal training sessions last 1 hour



It’s not in any personal trainers practice to offer nutrition advice. But if agreed by both parties some Personal trainers might suggest some lifestyle and diet changes.



Fitness test: You might find your personal trainer will ask you to perform some exercises and body measurements to evaluate and record your fitness level. Don’t be worried about how well you do in these, just do your best. It’s about understanding your baseline, and a way to keep track of your progress.


What to wear and bring: Just as you would do training alone in the gym or training outside, make sure to wear proper attire so you’re geared up for your training session. Wear breathable and lightweight clothing and non-slip supportive trainers. Bring a towel and bottle of water with you, along with anything the personal trainer suggests you to bring. The last thing you want to be is to feel uncomfortable or ill-prepared.



If you are hoping to enlist a personal trainer here are a few things you may wish to consider


Credentials and claims to fame: Some personal trainers have capabilities and ability specifically zones, for example, weight loss, sports instructing, nutrition, pre and post-natal exercise and so forth. You may wish to consider what objectives you’d prefer to accomplish and if there is a PT who has the skill to assist you with your objectives. To discover the PTs’ master regions, you can go to our exercise center pages, click on the Personal Trainer tab and snap on the PTs’ profiles to discover their specialized topics.


Experience: Some trainers may have experience preparing expert or explicit populace gatherings (age, physical or ailments, sports action). It’s in every case great to get some information about their degrees of experience and skill on the off chance that you have any worries or specific objectives you’d prefer to progress in the direction of.


Availability: Do you want to turn out in the first part of the day, evening or night? Or on the other hand on weeknights or ends of the week? It’s a smart thought to check the personal trainer you are hoping to procure is accessible now and again you’re ready to prepare.


Philosophy: Different personal trainers will have various ways to deal with preparing, and this is simply a question of sentiment. Ask the personal trainer what his/her qualities are with regards to wellbeing, preparing, and diet, and locate a personal trainer who best suits your requirements.


Personality: We all have diverse favored learning styles and personalities we coexist most with. Do you want to be yelled out to assist you with propelling yourself or would you lean toward somebody who is strengthens how well you’re doing with positive support?


OK prefer to be with somebody who is similarly as genuine about preparing or is your concentration to appreciate preparing? Toward the day’s end, you will invest energy with your personal trainer, so look for somebody who you figure you would coexist well with.


If you’re determined to having a personal trainer, but you’re still not sure why not have a consultation with one of our coaches, oh and did i forget to mention its free to?


Cya soon!

Keanu Campbell


How To Stay On Track With Your Diet

How To Stay On Track With Your Diet


Dieting is such is ball ache at times, understanding exactly how food works, works a treat trust me.

Meal prepping is of course ideal but what if there’s been an emergency and you’ve got to go away for the weekend?


Yes that’s correct you’re screwed, or are you?


Healthy/unhealthy to an extent is all the same, if you eat too many cashew nuts you’ll put on weight and if you decide to eat too many burgers you will of course put on weight.


Losing weight is a simple task if you learn exactly how many calories your body needs to lose weight, maintain your weight and of course the forbidden sentence…weight gain.


This can honestly be figured out in under 2 weeks yes just 14 days, you can go online and find a calorie calculator and it’ll give you a rough calorie goal to hit whether you’d like to maintain/lose/gain weight the next step would be to consume your target calories for a week and see if the scale shoots up/decreases or stays the same.


If you set your calories at 2000 for the week and your goal was to maintain your weight and a week later you were the exact same weight or close enough, that’ll mean you’ve been consuming your true maintenance calories for the week, if you lost weight then you’d bump your calories up by 200 and see how the next week goes, and if you’ve gained weight then maybe you need to deduct 200 calories and test it out for another week, it’s that simple.


Understanding how food works and how much calories you’re consuming per day makes dieting fun and easy, you can go on holiday and keep within your maintenance or if you’d like you could splurge out a bit with an understanding of exactly how you’ll get back on track once the holiday is done


If you need any more tips pop into our live chat I’m here to help, cya!


Keanu Campbell


The Benefits Of Working Out Outside

The Benefits Of Working Out Outside


Have you been contemplating workout outside for a while but you're just unsure?

Honestly you might be missing out on the best work out of your life, imagine getting the same results you’d get while in a sweaty gym in London, you can still train with your friends or by yourself or even with your personal trainer, who knows a passerby might even want to get involved, you honestly never know what’s going to happen outside mid push up. 😂


Personally I’ve not trained people in gyms for 3 years , I hate it, I love having the freedom of having different views everyday while working out along with the fresh air, which actually isn’t so fresh nowadays but you get what I mean.As a personal trainer i recommend all PT’s to scrap the gym and get all their clients training outside especially in summer!


Training outside brings loads of compliments to your doorstep too, the public actually cheer you on once in a while, you may even be motivating them to start working out outside in the future.


Want to lose weight? tone up? put on muscle? or just work on your general fitness levels?

All these goals are possible from working outside with the right equipment,


This is where we step in…..


There isn’t any piece of workout equipment we don’t have, we’ve literally stripped the gym and brought it to you….


Wherever you may be.


To conclude not only are you going to boost your mood, release some stress/anger, increase your vitamin D intake and overall just have a better workout, you are going to reach your goals in the comfort of your nearest park or even in your garden, if you’re still unsure why not book a free consultation with us and try it out? 😊


Cya soon!

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8 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

8 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer


Now it's going to be tough to write this article without it sounding like a sales pitch, yes we have the best personal trainers in London but that's not what this article is about is it?

So you’ve been contemplating it for months maybe even years and you’ve come to this article to help you decide on whether you should get a personal or not, my first question and task for you would be to get a piece of paper and write down the benefits of getting a personal trainer on the left hand side and then write down the negatives to getting a personal trainer on the right hand side. I’m pretty sure we know who won that battle but just keep on reading.


It’s a big step from going to the gym and going on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then going back to the changing room i know, but it’s a positive change that’ll change your life and achieve your fitness goals if you stick to the plan of course, the knowledge you should gain from your PT will be priceless, where not just here to tell you want to do, we’d like you to be able to leave us at one point and know exactly what you’re doing by yourself, we want you to pass on your knowledge to friends/family who are maybe in the same situation you were in.


I know you must be tired of me rambling on but to conclude my stance on why getting a personal training would be a good step for you, here are my final benefits to getting a PT:

  • See better results sooner.
  • Avoid injuries.
  • Lose fat and gain muscle.
  • Break through plateaus.
  • Set realistic goals.
  • Keep clients accountable
  • Challenge clients to be better.
  • Establish lifelong exercise habits.


That’s it from me, see you soon!

Keanu Campbell


The Best Personal Trainers In London

The Best Personal Trainers In London


Now you're probably reading this as you'd like to begin your fitness journey or continue your fitness journey with one of London's best personal trainers, you want to make sure every last penny is spent sculpting your body how you'd like it right?

I mean our job is to help you reach your goal whether you intend to lose weight, put on muscle, tone up or if you’d just like to increase your fitness levels, I know there’s a personal trainer with a fitness program for you.


Let’s get straight into the topic of pricing….. the oh so important topic,

Finding a discounted personal trainer in London (aka a cheap personal trainer) will most likely offer half the results and a lot of the time no results at all, this is your health you’re playing with and it deserves the best service! A personal trainer in London can cost anywhere between £40-£150 per hour anything less and you might want to double check their qualifications haha!


Don’t get me wrong, you could pay more for a personal trainer and see no results, well here’s the trick of avoiding this. NEVER sign up for a block of sessions without having done a taster session or two with the personal trainer even if the taster session will costs you money, imagine booking a block of 10 sessions with your PT and hating every single minute, not fun right……


If you didn’t know already with offer a free consultation for all potential clients CLICK HERE


Ask Important Questions For Example:

”Have you got previous testimonials with pictures of your clients?”


If they’ve been personal training now for a few years and they’ve got nothing to show for it wouldn’t you find that pretty suspicious?


Ask your personal trainer what his or hers training style is like and see if that’s something that would work with you, will he or she actually make you lose weight or tone up as much as you’d like?


Also ask you personal trainer what the process is in terms of tracking progress, you really don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken for weeks on end without knowing exactly where you are along your journey.


As you can see there’s a few things to think about, you’ll most likely be training with the fitness instructor for a while so you want to feel comfortable with the person. The same way you’d get quotes for your double glazed windows is exactly how you need to go into this situation, it’s your money and you should be able to spend it how you’d like right?


So to round off everything there’s no personal trainer in London who’s the best, each have their own skills although i think I’m good and my result show that, who knows someone may disagree, find what works for you as you deserve it.


Peace out!

Keanu Campbell


Should You Go To The Gym During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

Should You Go To The Gym During The Coronavirus Outbreak?


Who would've thought at the start of the year that there would be a pandemic called the corona virus or in short COVID-19 which has nearly put a stop to everything going on in our little world, now to my fellow gym goers you've come to this blog post to find out if it's safe to train in the gym while the virus is floating about in the air.

You’ve probably been getting regular updates from your gym or workout studio in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak, gym’s have been trying to minimalize hand shaking or high fives in workout classes which can help, but the main problem is the disease roaming around in the air due to the air con or being on surfaces such as the weights or machines.


What’s going to help you avoid COVID-19 as much a possible?

Wiping down all the surfaces you use in the gym along with washing your hands beforehand and after will go a long way, Boris Johnson and the government have not suggested not going to the gym just yet (don’t start slacking for now), they will most likely be banning events with 500+ people involved but when’s the last time you’ve seen more than 100 people in your gym let alone 500.


Gym’s such as: Fitness first, virgin active, david lloyd, f45, gym box, easy gym, pure gym, 1 rebel, third space, and the majority of gyms in London are going off roughly the same guidelines but I’d suggest going on their website to check or calling up your gym, but currently you can still go to your local gym to train although Mr corona virus is lurking around the corner.


Training at home ideally may be the better option if you’re still unsure, and if you’re looking for a personal trainer at home look no further CLICK HERE


For those not training at the gym I’m not complaining as that means I get the equipment to myself!! and yes I will be wiping everything down after I’ve used it.


That’s all from me, stay safe people.

Keanu Campbell