How To Stay On Track With Your Diet


Dieting is such is ball ache at times, understanding exactly how food works, works a treat trust me.

Meal prepping is of course ideal but what if there’s been an emergency and you’ve got to go away for the weekend?


Yes that’s correct you’re screwed, or are you?


Healthy/unhealthy to an extent is all the same, if you eat too many cashew nuts you’ll put on weight and if you decide to eat too many burgers you will of course put on weight.


Losing weight is a simple task if you learn exactly how many calories your body needs to lose weight, maintain your weight and of course the forbidden sentence…weight gain.


This can honestly be figured out in under 2 weeks yes just 14 days, you can go online and find a calorie calculator and it’ll give you a rough calorie goal to hit whether you’d like to maintain/lose/gain weight the next step would be to consume your target calories for a week and see if the scale shoots up/decreases or stays the same.


If you set your calories at 2000 for the week and your goal was to maintain your weight and a week later you were the exact same weight or close enough, that’ll mean you’ve been consuming your true maintenance calories for the week, if you lost weight then you’d bump your calories up by 200 and see how the next week goes, and if you’ve gained weight then maybe you need to deduct 200 calories and test it out for another week, it’s that simple.


Understanding how food works and how much calories you’re consuming per day makes dieting fun and easy, you can go on holiday and keep within your maintenance or if you’d like you could splurge out a bit with an understanding of exactly how you’ll get back on track once the holiday is done


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Keanu Campbell