About Klarna

What is klarna?

Klarna is a payment provider that allows you to order today and pay later.

Why choose Klarna?

Try before you buy and get up to 30 days to pay for your order.


For UK customers you can split the cost into 3 interest-free installments. That’s one part-payment at purchase, and two further payments at 30 and 60 days.  

Who can use Klarna?

Klarna is currently only available for UK customers. 

Does Klarna impact my credit score?

Klarna may run a soft credit search that does not affect a customer’s credit score and is only visible on your credit file by you and Klarna.

Neither Klarna nor Purify4life run credit searches that could impact your credit rating.

This includes at the point of application, if a payment is missed, or if the outstanding balance enters a debt collection stage.  

Is there anything else I should know?

In the UK you must be 18+ to use this credit offer. Klarna uses soft searches with credit reference agencies. These do not affect your credit rating. Missed payments can affect your ability to use Klarna. Pay in 3 installments, complete terms. Pay later, complete terms.

Late payment fees will apply. If you’d like more information on this then contact Klarna Support. 

*You must be 18 or over, have a residential address and a bank account.

If you’ve got any more questions about Klarna click HERE.