Purify’s New Year Resolutions

January is the perfect time to set a new goal or refocus yourself on a long-held ambition.

We caught up with some of Purify trainers to see what their goals are for 2022.


My fitness resolution is getting professional on my current goal which is callisthenics . I have started practicing for a month now and i have to be better and better in there . Being the happier and healthier person is a forever resolution too.

😊 Life is too short, let’s enjoy it forever and ever.


My New Year’s Resolution is linked to self love and stress. I am going to try and look at situations and problems that occur in a more positive light. Pick problems apart and micro solve them. Your mind is a very powerful tool and is responsible for your inner peace and well-being.

Couple positiveness with a good diet and exercise then the world can be anyone’s oyster 😀


My new year’s resolutions are to spend less time on my phone and to sleep at least 8 hours per night. In terms of fitness, I want to start swimming after working out in the gym. I’m going to start with 30min sessions twice a week. Lastly I would like to get back into football, I will play once a week with my friends and maybe later join a League team.


London Personal Training
My fitness resolution for big 2022, will be to create more time for plyometric and functional training to help benefit myself and importantly as a footballer. Also to study more into financial aspects of life which haven’t been taught during my academic years so I’ll be spending 30min-1hr of my time in the day to do so during January and throughout the year.

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