Personal Trainer


After completing his BSc (Hons) in Fitness and Personal Training, Rion has gained a comprehension approach to Personal Training. By understanding a client's motivation or reason for exercise, Rion will strategise with his clients on their goals through education and imparting a vision for them to achieve their goals.

For 11 years, Rion has trained high-end clients in luxury hotels, private facilities and corporate organisations. In contrast, he has also worked in leisure facilities, communities and hospitals, delivering good customer service and helping to achieve their target.

As a co-author of a sports science journal article. Rion is keen to use different methodologies to adapt to his client's needs of strength, hypertrophy, weight loss, flexibility or functionality; Rion will communicate to his client a plan to meet their requirements.

– Sports conditioning

– Strength training

– Muscle gain

– Weight loss

– Older adults

– Posture analysis