Personal Trainer


Hi, I’m Samuel. I am a personal trainer and boxing coach. I am very interested in fitness, and I’m passionate about helping people and show them a way how to start their own fitness life journey depending on their goal.

The main sources of happiness are believing in yourself, being confident and achieving your goals. Fitness is one of the ways to build them up. I am always eager to work with you in order to build an amazing physique, confidence and strong mindset. Let's work together to crush your fear, anxiety and build confidence, happiness instead.

No one is perfect in the fitness life journey, everybody has a plan/goal to proceed to the next level. No matter where you are in your journey or what you have tried before, I am determined to become the ignition you need to fuel.

Burning fat, losing weight, building muscle, or to achieve whatever your goal is, it is the matter of hard working, patience with a strong mindset. It will be my honour to make you find the best version of yourself.

– Body Transformation

– Weight Loss

– Fat Burning Workouts

– Muscle Building

– Boxing Pad Work