Should You Go To The Gym During The Coronavirus Outbreak?


Who would've thought at the start of the year that there would be a pandemic called the corona virus or in short COVID-19 which has nearly put a stop to everything going on in our little world, now to my fellow gym goers you've come to this blog post to find out if it's safe to train in the gym while the virus is floating about in the air.

You’ve probably been getting regular updates from your gym or workout studio in regards to the Coronavirus outbreak, gym’s have been trying to minimalize hand shaking or high fives in workout classes which can help, but the main problem is the disease roaming around in the air due to the air con or being on surfaces such as the weights or machines.


What’s going to help you avoid COVID-19 as much a possible?

Wiping down all the surfaces you use in the gym along with washing your hands beforehand and after will go a long way, Boris Johnson and the government have not suggested not going to the gym just yet (don’t start slacking for now), they will most likely be banning events with 500+ people involved but when’s the last time you’ve seen more than 100 people in your gym let alone 500.


Gym’s such as: Fitness first, virgin active, david lloyd, f45, gym box, easy gym, pure gym, 1 rebel, third space, and the majority of gyms in London are going off roughly the same guidelines but I’d suggest going on their website to check or calling up your gym, but currently you can still go to your local gym to train although Mr corona virus is lurking around the corner.


Training at home ideally may be the better option if you’re still unsure, and if you’re looking for a personal trainer at home look no further CLICK HERE


For those not training at the gym I’m not complaining as that means I get the equipment to myself!! and yes I will be wiping everything down after I’ve used it.


That’s all from me, stay safe people.

Keanu Campbell