The Benefits Of Working Out Outside


Have you been contemplating workout outside for a while but you're just unsure?

Honestly you might be missing out on the best work out of your life, imagine getting the same results you’d get while in a sweaty gym in London, you can still train with your friends or by yourself or even with your personal trainer, who knows a passerby might even want to get involved, you honestly never know what’s going to happen outside mid push up. 😂


Personally I’ve not trained people in gyms for 3 years , I hate it, I love having the freedom of having different views everyday while working out along with the fresh air, which actually isn’t so fresh nowadays but you get what I mean.As a personal trainer i recommend all PT’s to scrap the gym and get all their clients training outside especially in summer!


Training outside brings loads of compliments to your doorstep too, the public actually cheer you on once in a while, you may even be motivating them to start working out outside in the future.


Want to lose weight? tone up? put on muscle? or just work on your general fitness levels?

All these goals are possible from working outside with the right equipment,


This is where we step in…..


There isn’t any piece of workout equipment we don’t have, we’ve literally stripped the gym and brought it to you….


Wherever you may be.


To conclude not only are you going to boost your mood, release some stress/anger, increase your vitamin D intake and overall just have a better workout, you are going to reach your goals in the comfort of your nearest park or even in your garden, if you’re still unsure why not book a free consultation with us and try it out? 😊


Cya soon!

Keanu Campbell