The Best Personal Trainers In Manchester


Now you're probably reading this as you'd like to begin your fitness journey or continue your fitness journey with one of Surrey's best personal trainers, you want to make sure every last penny is spent sculpting your body how you'd like it right?

I mean our job is to help you reach your goal whether you intend to lose weight, put on muscle, tone up or if you’d just like to increase your fitness levels, I know there’s a personal trainer with a fitness program for you.


Let’s get straight into the topic of pricing….. the oh so important topic,

Finding a discounted personal trainer in London (aka a cheap personal trainer) will most likely offer half the results and a lot of the time no results at all, this is your health you’re playing with and it deserves the best service! A personal trainer in London can cost anywhere between £40-£150 per hour anything less and you might want to double check their qualifications haha!


Don’t get me wrong, you could pay more for a personal trainer and see no results, well here’s the trick of avoiding this. NEVER sign up for a block of sessions without having done a taster session or two with the personal trainer even if the taster session will costs you money, imagine booking a block of 10 sessions with your PT and hating every single minute, not fun right……


If you didn’t know already with offer a free consultation for all potential clients CLICK HERE


Ask Important Questions For Example:

”Have you got previous testimonials with pictures of your clients?”


If they’ve been personal training now for a few years and they’ve got nothing to show for it wouldn’t you find that pretty suspicious?


Ask your personal trainer what his or hers training style is like and see if that’s something that would work with you, will he or she actually make you lose weight or tone up as much as you’d like?


Also ask you personal trainer what the process is in terms of tracking progress, you really don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken for weeks on end without knowing exactly where you are along your journey.


As you can see there’s a few things to think about, you’ll most likely be training with the fitness instructor for a while so you want to feel comfortable with the person. The same way you’d get quotes for your double glazed windows is exactly how you need to go into this situation, it’s your money and you should be able to spend it how you’d like right?


So to round off everything there’s no personal trainer in London who’s the best, each have their own skills although i think I’m good and my result show that, who knows someone may disagree, find what works for you as you deserve it.


Peace out!

Keanu Campbell