Personal Trainer



My name is Zav, I am an experienced well being professional and I specialise in weight management. I come from a background in dance, martial arts, basketball and performing arts.

Working out with me would entail lots of fun, high energy and confidence boosting tips to propell your wellness adventure. I use boxing gloves and use yoga and pilates as my tools for the body. I also create HIIT circuits to get your metabolism burning 24 hours a day.

Here is my ethos: When you look good, you feel good - Confidence shines through, allowing your self-love to be shared with others.

You can't give to others what you don't already have - so make the difference to the world by starting with your self. Become who you want to be, be that a stronger, happier, healthier you!

Health is wealth, invest in yours now - and forever reap the benefits.

– Yoga

– Pilates

– Hiit

– General Fitness

– Weight Management